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We specialize in fixing all kinds and brands of watches from an Audemars to your old childhood Timex.


We also change links for the perfect fit and change batteries. We try to do it on-the-spot, so you do not have to wait to get it back.


Photo 1 (All watches from the 1940s)

Helbros 17 Jewel

Bulova 17 Jewel

Wittnauer 17 Jewel

Benrus 17 Jewel

Holland 17 Jewel








Photo 2

Elgin 17 Jewel 1950s

Wittnauer 17 Jewel late '50s-early '60s

Elgin 17 Jewel late '50s-early '60s

Hamilton Chronograph 1990s

Elgin 17 Jewel Automatic

1940s Green Curvex 14K

1970s Skeleton Watch












Photo 3

Jubilee 17 Jewel 1940s

Ladies' Benrus 17 Jewel 1940s

Seiko Automatic 1960s

Canterbury 17 Jewel 1950s

Ladies' Hamilton 1920s




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